When and why did you make the choice to start shooting porn?

Once my boyfriend suggested me making porn videos and I immediately agreed to start doing it! It’s hard to believe, but deep down I always dreamed of becoming a porn actress, When I first saw porn, I knew I wanted to be a part of the industry. I’m just going my own way.

What’s your daily routine? Do you daily work on your contents?

My daily routine consists of walking my dog, cooking, workout, reading comics, and learning languages. And sometimes I shoot new content for my fans. It’s like I wake up and feel as sexy as possible and my first thought is “Yes! Today I will shoot a new video!”.

You mostly shoot amateur contents, which are one of the most successful scenes right now: in your opinion, why are those contents so popular?

I think that amateur content helps the viewer to become a part of what is happening in the video. Ordinary people make videos for ordinary people just like them. Amateur porn shows sex as it really is.

What’s the key of your success?

I don’t know! I guess I’m just cute! Hahaha

What do you love the most about your job?

Most of all, I like to get results. I love watching the video being mounted! I like to look at myself from the outside and feel my own sexuality. I like to imagine my new video will be seen by as many people as possible andI really enjoy it.

Before starting your career, were you already a fan of the industry? If yes, who has been your biggest inspiration?

I think my answer is very predictable. I’m a fan of Riley Reid and I think she’s an icon of the porn world. Her smile and charisma won me over at first sight.

What’s your relationship with haters and people that don’t understand your job?

I just don’t hang out with people like that. I don’t want to prove my position to anyone or justify my choice. This is my life and I don’t want to waste my time with people like that. Porn as a religion. You can choose to pray or not, watch porn or not. But the only thing I know for sure is that I don’t want to see you in front of my door forcing your faith or your porn preferences on me.

What do you think about all the issues and problems sex workers are going through right now?

This is a really tough time for the porn industry, but I hope we get over it. Problems help to find more other ways for development and self-actualisation.

What are your plans for the future? Do you have other projects besides porn?

Now I have no other projects besides porn, but I’m looking for something new for myself. Maybe in the future I will create my own brand of clothing with my prints. I draw well and once upon a time I wanted to be a tattoo artist. Maybe my dark drawings will appeal to someone and they will want to see it on their clothes. I would also like to create my own porn studio. It will be something really special! Just wait and keep following me!

We are from Italy, so we’d love to know your relationship with our country and Italian people.

Oh! Italy! I realized that my snow-white skin could not stand the Italian sun. I was going to come to Italy, but the pandemic ruined my plans. But I believe that soon I will definitely fly to this beautiful country. There was a time when I dreamed of living in Italy, but then I’ve heard that Italians are really funny and friendly people. I want to check it out! Are you waiting for me?