We had the chance to talk with Lottie Magne, she is a Russian pornstar that started her career during 2020. She is already considered one of the best new European actresses, as she was nominated Best New Performer of the Year by XBIZ Europa Awards.

When and why did you make the choice to start shooting porn?

I decided I need to pay more attention to my art. I’m an erotic illustrator and I wanted to find a community which will appreciate it, that’s why I’m here. And I like sex so much, so why not?

What’s your favorite kind of scene to shoot?

I like couple scenes most of all. Bg or Gg. It’s more interesting because I have the opportunity to focus on my partner and learning him. However sometimes threesome (or +) can be funny also.

What’s the best part on being a pornstar?

The best part on being pornstar I can have a sex with a lot of hot people! No? I thought this is the main point.

And what’s the hardest part on being a pornstar?

And the hardest part for me is audience score. In fact, I’m addicted to other people’s opinions, and I get upset pretty often when I read angry messages about my personality or appearance. I didn’t pay attention to it before, but in the porn industry the standards are higher than in everyday life, and I can’t say that I fit into them… I understand I have to work on my self-esteem, but it’s really complicated, especially when you are constantly being objectified.

Where do you live and what’s your daily routine?

Sometimes I think I’m from Wonderland, haha. And every place is pretty beautiful to me, so it doesn’t matter where I live if I’m feeling good. I’m an introvert so my usual day is: comic books, drawing, making content or maybe play video games. Watching porn/hentai. Usual life, no? 

There are many differences between American and European porn: what are, in your opinion, those differences? And what do you like or not about European industry?

I see American porn has a special style, and American actresses know how to use their charisma one hundred percent. Although, perhaps this is the first impression. I love being a European porn actress, there is a lot of charm in my culture too, and I hope you feel it.

Who has been your biggest inspiration in porn?

My boss — Julia Grandi. She will always be my inspiration because her way and style and talent as a director… all are impressive. 

How was working on “Lottie Episodes” for Vixen/Tushy?

It was my first serious experience but I can’t say I was good. I was like a blind cat and I didn’t understand anything: how to act, how to play. It were my first steps and I didn’t even know nothing about my body’s expressions. Anyway I’m happy for this opportunity, I love Vixen so much and I’m proud they invited me.

You are one of the best “new starlets” right now: what’s your goal in the industry?

You think so? I haven’t big plans, I just want to get pleasure, no more. It’s happiness, huh? 

We are from Italy, so we’d love to know your relationship with our country and Italian people.

Oh… I love Italian people. I LOVE Italian people! So much. And i love Italian kitchen too: pizza, pasta, pussy… Oops! Pussy is not a national dish of italy, right? My mistake. Whatever. Unfortunately I hadn’t opportunity for visiting this country yet. Maybe one day, I think I’ll like.